Friuli Colli Orientali

Ronco is a historical lemma. Indicates a hill dedicated to the cultivation of vines and fruit trees on top of which are the manor house, the cellar, the courtyard. The ronco arrived in Friuli with the Venetian rule, in the sixteenth century, and has remained a characteristic feature of the hilly landscape. 

Gramogliano is a fraction of Corno di Rosazzo, Colli Orientali del Friuli. On its ronchi are our historic vineyards, the cellar, the house where we welcome our visitors. In front of us Collio and Brda. The Judrio, an iconic river in these lands, flows right at the foot of our ronco.


The Julian Pre-Alps seen from our terrace. 


Vineyard facing south on the Gramogliano hill


The village of Ruttars


Il fiume Judrio


Our bees in the vineyard (Eno Bee project)


There is no excellent viticulture outside the hills. The hills of Gramogliano are the most important hills in the municipality of Corno di Rosazzo, reaching an altitude of 220 metres. Here 50 million years ago, during the Eocene, there was a warm and shallow tropical sea. The first reliefs emerged during the Hercynian orogeny (when the Italian peninsula emerged) giving rise to sedimentary rocks composed of sandstone, limestone and dolomite. It is the "ponca". These soils originated from the concretion of carcasses of marine organisms and sands. They represent a substrate rich in nutrients such as phosphorus and potassium. They are very suitable soils for the cultivation of vines.

We are located on a hill born from the sea.

Already in 1925 in the municipality of Corno over 300 fossil forms of organisms that lived in that remote tropical sea were recorded, at a depth between 10 and 50 metres.


Our vineyards rest on historic terraces that we have maintained and cared for


In the vineyard they favor manual processes, at every stage: from pruning…


…at the harvest


The wines rest in the woods, between stone and ponca walls, their place of origin


The barrel room


The essence of the vine is, first of all, in its roots. The grape returns the richness of the soils. Our vineyards are cultivated with two essential values ​​at the centre: care and healthiness. We respect ecosystems and soil characteristics, renouncing any invasive tool. The fertilizers are organic. In the cellar, no artifice but a reasoned use of experience. All the grapes are produced in our vineyards, in the winemaking cradles of Gramogliano and Prepotto. Our philosophy is simple and complex at the same time: the wines must tell the story of the place and express it enoically, supported by time.


We practice healthy and careful viticulture. Being constantly vigilant, at every step and at every stage in the vineyard, implies patience and rigor. It means doing small things every day and knowing how to make timely decisions, always working in harmony with the environment. This continuous attention allows us to intervene in the most accurate and least impactful way possible. Which means taking care of the vineyard, the soil, the ecosystem, those who work there and the grapes that will go to the cellar. These are the prerequisites necessary for making a healthy wine that aims for excellence.

Simone Desabbata agronomic manager

Here in Canus the philosophy in the cellar is inspired by absolute respect for the vocation of the territory. Every choice must follow the vocational spirit of the place. The winemaker must therefore be the one who undertakes not to ruin what nature gives and must devote himself to enhancing the potential of a soil and an ecosystem. In this framework, the enhancement of native vines plays a role of absolute importance

Gianni Bignucolo winemaker


Canus, a farm owned by the Casonato family, is a project whose heart is respect for the land, the utmost care for the vineyards and the cellar. The center is in the sharing of these values ​​that a small group of attentive and passionate professionals translate into everyday life by working together.

The goal is to safeguard the identity of a place and bring out the potential of a particular terroir in the production of wines devoted to maximizing quality, managing the entire production chain.


Laura Stabile, Tanja Kos and Elisabetta Russian, our management and reception team


Otto Casonato, owner


Gianni Bignucolo, winemaker



Tanja Kos loves and takes care of the farm's vegetable garden


I vendemmiatori al lavoro


We take care of our vineyards with passion and rigor, we proudly produce all our grapes, we work them in our cellar where all our wines are aged at least two years before going on the market. We bottle them on site. This passion for working in the vineyard and in the cellar also translates into the research and enhancement of what a wine can mean and encounter in a territory. Wine is culture, and culture helps to create conscientious wines dedicated to the pursuit of excellence. This is why we support and promote projects and initiatives with a high cultural, environmental, historical and artistic sensitivity. In wine, kultur.