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Pignolo is a pre-phylloxera native variety, present in particular in the Colli Orientali since the Middle Ages. Its vineyards, at the foot of the historic Abbey of Rosazzo in the eighteenth century, are described in documents of the time. Luigi Veronelli in his celebrated Repertoire of Italian wines (1995) designated its area of ​​choice in the municipalities of Corno di Rosazzo (where our vineyards and cellar are) and Manzano.

The name "pignolo" recalls the shape of the bunch whose berries, pressed together, resemble a pine cone. Il Pignolo risked disappearing, but a careful recovery has been underway for some years. It is a late ripening grape, resistant to cold and frost, very suitable for making fine wines, if well accompanied in the cellar where the time factor represents its best ally to round off the tannic roughness. Patient refinement is a necessary practice to enhance its wide organoleptic potential that evolves over the years.



THE GRAPES 100% Fussy   
On our ronco di Gramogliano with exposure to the East, guyot training
Eocene marls and sandstones, locally called “ponca” (flysch) with clay veins
Manual, with collection in boxes - yield of 60 q/h
After crushing and destemming, the alcoholic fermentation starts which lasts for 15/20 days at 25/27°C with punching down and daily pumping over to favor the maceration of the skins and the extraction of the coloring and extractive substances. Racking after about a month from the collection. Malolactic fermentation. Transfer into tonneaux or barriques where it remains for 36 months. Bottling and aging for a further 12-24 months before going on the market
Intense, cheerful and brilliant ruby ​​red color with garnet edges. On the nose fruity notes dance among the berries (but there is also the bark) the rose, the morello cherry and a trifle of cinnamon and black pepper. In the mouth, excellent acidity and structure: it is full, with good flavor and very personal tannins. The sip is caressing, softly fruity and persistent. Excellent for aging and conservation in the bottle, a necessary practice to enhance the wide organoleptic potential that will evolve, surprising you, over the years

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