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The history of Merlot has also grown within the history of Friuli. The vine arrived in the region in the second half of the 19th century when the Habsburgs dictated agricultural policies and Friuli was the orchard and vineyard of a thriving empire. Subsequently, this variety adapted well to the new viticulture made necessary by the arrogance of cryptogamic diseases (powdery mildew and downy mildew) and phylloxera. The vine came from the Gironde, in the South West of France, but it acclimatised so well that any non-native origin was forgotten: a that di neri (a glass of red wine) has always been, par excellence, a glass of Merlot. Sources attest to its most historic cultivation in the Colli Orientali area.

International or indigenous? Perhaps it doesn't matter, Merlot is certainly an authentic cultural expression of these places. And we cultivate it and make wine so that it freely expresses the identity it has built in almost two centuries of noble residence in the vineyard called Friuli.



THE GRAPES 100% Merlot
On our ronco di Gramogliano with South-South East exposure, Guyot training and average age of the vines over 50 years; on the hill of a historic vineyard in Prepotto with Guyot system dated 1997 facing South
Eocene marls and sandstones, locally called “ponca” (flysch) with clay veins
Manual, with collection in boxes - yield of 60 q/h
THE VINIFICATION After crushing and destemming, the alcoholic fermentation starts which lasts for 15/20 days at 25/27°C with punching down and daily pumping over to favor the maceration of the skins and the extraction of the coloring and extractive substances. Racking after about a month from the collection. Malolactic fermentation. Transfer into tonneaux or barriques where it remains for 24 months. Further refinement of 12 months in 10/15 hl oak barrels follows. Bottling and waiting for 9-12 months  before going on the market
Balanced ruby ​​red colour, the nose reveals fabric and elegance which frame a bouquet with characteristic aromas of black cherry and plum, in a politely vinous olfactory climate, sprinkled with very slight balsamic notes. The aging time we dedicate to it gives rise to a full-bodied but graceful, savory and long-lasting wine. This Merlot stands out for its silky elegance and inviting drinkability.

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